Eyelashes And Grafted Eyelashes The Same Type Of Eyelashes Harm You Know How Much

Kind of eyelashes and grafted eyelashes the same kind of eyelashes and grafting eyelashes What is the difference? Kind of eyelashes and grafting eyelashes are to make lashes more slender and beautiful, following with everyone to introduce the difference between eyelashes and grafting eyelashes.








The difference between eyelashes and grafted eyelashes

Grafting is adhesive, and planting eyelashes is removed under your scalp hair follicles implanted eyelashes root, so long out will be very long, not natural, just finished planting need to trim, it grow to a certain extent no longer Long, because the eye of Mao Xiang no scalp hair Xiang nutrition and more, so after 3 months to basically the desired length.

Grafting more secure, because grafting is sticky, there is no risk, but not a long time to maintain ~, grafting generally 50 or so. Grafted eyes very beautiful, but uncomfortable, itchy eyes, they can not rub their eyes, rubbed out of almost gone ah.






Hazard eyelashes allergic reactions

Eyelashes glue to be used to glue, a lot of people’s skin will have an allergic reaction to the glue, there red dot, erythema, tears more than the problem, which is to do a kind of eyelashes must be clear before common sense. Therefore, before making eyelashes, you must first do the skin test to ensure that no allergies can continue.








Long down eyelashes

Many people in the eyelashes, when the effect is very good, but as time goes by, the long eyelashes grow with the eyes into the bar, has become an inverted eyelashes, inverted eyelashes make the eyes very uncomfortable, always feel Zha Zha, will often shed tears, to the late development, may also cause other parts of the eye inflammation.






Eyelashes off

Many beauty salons use inferior glue, eyelashes to do, and some crush was very beautiful at the time, but it will not be long before they will find their own eyelashes and kinds of false eyelashes fall together, the eyes above the bare, an eyelash None of this is the consequence of eyelash lashes using informal potions.








Hair follicles inflamed

Improper operation of eyelashes, the false eyelashes paste the hair follicles really eyelashes will cause the glue into the hair follicles, plug the hair follicle hole, resulting in inflammation of hair follicles, severe pus will become trachoma and red eye disease.






Streaky barbed

Eyelash is not a lifetime, is a time-sensitive, almost a few weeks to lose the original effect, and many people later discovered that their eyelashes become very weird, which are false eyelashes lost part of the uneven , And we can not often type eyelashes, but caused some trouble.








1, due to anesthetic effects will not disappear immediately after surgery may have a sense of drowsiness. After discharge, pay more attention to rest; postoperative can not drive vehicles or engaged in aerial work. Sleeping pillow can be higher;







2, within five days after surgery do not mention carrying heavy or strenuous exercise;

3, please follow the doctor’s advice after surgery, medication on time, so that you can reduce the uncomfortable response after eyelash planting;








4, after surgery in the surgical site with ice cold 3-4 days to facilitate swelling;

5, eyelash surgery within a week after surgery to avoid the surgical site water, shampoo after four days, but not too rubbed to take the hair site;






6, after four days, it is best to avoid exercise. After four days, do a slight exercise; ten days later, a little exercise, but at least three weeks, can not be violent body collision exercise.

7, to use special lashes comb comb eyelashes cleansing or bathing, planting lashes will be wet, it is recommended to use cold air dry, and then use a special spiral comb in accordance with the eyelash curly direction gently comb.








8, to maintain a good sleeping position to maintain a beautiful eyelash lashes lasting eyelashes tend to fall as early as possible due to adverse side friction caused by early fall off, it is recommended Yang best sleep.

9, do not immediately after completion of planting painted eye makeup to complete the whole eyelash planting, you need to dry for half an hour naturally lashes will completely dry thoroughly, it is proposed to build half an hour after planting to build eyeliner and eye shadow makeup.

10 Little Knowledge About Eyelashes

1: Mascara thicker the better
Really think everyone is suitable for thick eyelashes it? you are wrong! Some people’s facial features are relatively flat, especially the eye socket is not deep enough, so too thick eyelashes but will seem exaggerated. Here’s the principle is to choose the right mascara according to the density of your own eyelashes, will draw natural and charming eyelashes.






2: conservative black never change
Indeed, just like the formal occasions to wear a small black dress, choose a classic black mascara is indeed not wrong. However, occasionally try some gray or colored mascara, especially when you bleach a purple hair or painted exaggerated metallic eye shadow, try it, the effect will make you very surprised!






3: waterproof mascara without taboo
Girls in order to avoid the embarrassment of dizzy makeup will have a soft spot for waterproof mascara. But we must admit that all waterproof mascara are stubborn death, makeup remover has become a daunting thing. Therefore, long-term removal of waterproof mascara can seriously damage your eye skin. Therefore, waterproof mascara or stay in the necessary occasions to use it, such as and his beloved him to go to the beach during the holiday.








4: eyelash curler torture
Want to have a perfect curl and do not make the process of eyelash curling as medieval torture. You know, excessive pull eyelashes and daily use of hot eyelashes tools will seriously damage the eyelashes. The correct method of operation is to face the mirror, lift your chin, squeeze from the roots of three to five seconds, according to the length of your eyelashes, respectively, in the root, middle, front slowly forward extension.






5: the forgotten lower lashes
Some people’s lower eyelashes are very sparse, many people will never even apply under the eyelashes. But you have to know how to be a delicate woman is absolutely not to ignore any one can dress up parts. Brush your lower eyelashes fine today!








6: a brush to perfect
The time for morning makeup is indeed limited, and it is almost impossible to apply the eyelashes to the perfect one-time. So you can try to paint it again, and apply blush or lip gloss when it is dry. Then use the word Z brush painting at the end of the eye to strengthen the sexy charm of the eyelashes instantly completed!






7: dislike short eyelashes
The length of our eyelash growth is very long, about three months or so. Therefore, all those who apply mascara will face those short “miscellaneous hair” problems. However, please be gentle treatment of them, do not mistakenly think that affect the appearance of the “newborn” uprooted.








8: finely like false eyelashes
Whether you recognize yourself as perfectionist or stereotyped, it is almost impossible to have perfectly symmetrical eyelashes. If you really have such a hobby, then or to choose a suitable for their own false eyelashes to wear it.






9: disgusting flies legs
A perfect eyelashes if born without a few flies leg terrible, clever use of beauty gadgets, mascara after smearing it comb, the perfect lies in the handling of these details Oh!








10: remover or disfigurement
After a busy day, hurry to remove the makeup to go to sleep, this kind of thing you must have done. A quality woman not only to learn to make up delicate makeup but also know how to remover. Choose a non-irritating and effective eye makeup remover products, after removing the makeup at the bottom of the face with a cotton pad soaked eyelashes slowly after 5-10 seconds to remove it, the entire process must not hurt the fragile eye skin !

How To Choose Mascara Brush

Now more and more advanced cosmetics, tools are more and more recently mascara, the more emphasis on their own brush head, long short, shaped, sparse, dense, so many types, then they What exactly is it for? We are now going to understand understand!

Top 1: classic straight stick
Is a simple and practical eyelash brush type, relatively long eyelashes brush for more obvious hope that the eyelashes, and lashes are relatively sparse, not a brush stick together. The thick eyelashes, sometimes do not want their eyelashes become “fly legs”, it is suitable for use with this eyelash brush.







Top 2: Thick eyelash brush
Want your own lashes are very thick, like Kim Kardashian who eyelashes, suitable for this eyelash brush, eyelashes can give a super-exaggerated effect, if you do not want that kind of effect, then choose between the thick brush And between the straight brush can be.








Top 3: spherical eyelash brush
If you want to particularly highlight your eyes, then you may be a Virgo, then you will certainly need spherical eyelashes brush Luo, it can take care of every eyelash will not fall one! This is not only meet the virgin OCD, beautiful face again.







Top 4: Curved eyelash brush
Curved eyelash brush This is an epoch-making invention, it can take care of any corner of the eyelashes. Especially this arc brush, it is ergonomic, not very stiff, the shape is perfect Oh ~ like a curvy sister can try.








Top 5: Conical eyelash brush
Conical eyelashes brush is a good helper for some eyelashes, for example, you want to highlight the eye-long eyelashes, or highlight the middle of the eyelashes, you can use a tapered mascara brush to complete. It’s not all-purpose, but it can make you more unique.

How To Determine The Type Of False Eyelashes

False Eyelashes Species

There are many types of false eyelashes.

According to work into handmade eyelashes, semi-handmade eyelashes, Mechanism eyelashes

Handmade eyelashes: pure hand-made, one by one eyelashes up, work fine, convenient and practical. However, the process is complicated and the output is limited by manpower.

Half-hand eyelashes: the first few processes are using machines, the back two processes are also artificial, eyelashes finished relatively smooth, good-looking.

Mechanism eyelashes: mainly machine production, but also a small part will be used manually. Product appearance beautiful, lower cost, production is also large,

Use points: cloth doll eyelashes, video lashes, artificial eyelashes, holiday eyelashes, daily eyelashes.

Doll eyelashes: do doll doll with the eyelashes, stubby cute.

Film type eyelashes: After wearing, the three-dimensional sense of the eye is very obvious, suitable for photography makeup, stage makeup and so on.

Eyelash simulation: is a unique design, highlighting the personality of the eyelashes, the basic material is very realistic eyelashes, longer than the other, more dense, suitable for drama, stage performances or special makeup.

Holiday Eyelashes: Halloween, Halloween, Car naval, Football Festival, etc. festivals.

According to the material is divided into: silk eyelashes, mink eyelashes, 3d mink eyelashes, feather eyelashes, metal colorful eyelashes, eyelashes paper.

Divided by style: exaggerated, daily use, industrial use.








Ordinary false eyelashes are using a cotton thread to a root eyelashes string into a streamlined, make-up according to personal practices and hobbies, you can do the appropriate pruning, and then paste the eyelash glue on the eye. Today is also popular grafting eyelashes, sticking one by one, more realistic, but also eliminates the trouble of daily paste

False eyelashes color choice

Black false eyelashes

In addition to select the type of false eyelashes to see, but also depends on the fake eyelash stem. False eyelashes stems generally divided into fish line stems, cotton stems, plastic stems three.

Because the cotton stalks are very soft, they will not stick to the eyelids and will not tilt easily. However, the shortcoming is that the stalks are easily deformed after being torn off, and the recycling rate is low.

Fishing line wins better makeup effect, transparent and invisible, easy to cut a bunch of beam stickers, tear can also maintain the original curvature, but the disadvantage is easier to fall off and tilt.

Plastic stem is relatively hard, no fish thread stalks and cotton stalks, but for the single eyelid and double eyelid MM is a good choice, because the hard point of the stem can hold up the eyelids, stereotypes better.

For everyday makeup, the general choice of soft 3d mink eyelashes, not only comfortable to wear, but also invisible



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