2020 Years Top Popular HOT

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Which mink eyelashes are the hottest in 2020???

Of course it is 7D26!!!

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Cosmetics Lashes,as most professional Mink Eyelashes Vendors from China.Our company supplies the top 5 brands in USA market.

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The length of the 7D26 is 20mm, which is 16mm natural and 25mm curled. It is suitable for various occasions and can meet the needs of most people. It is one of the most popular styles in 2020. It can make this unusual year have a deep and beautiful memory.

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Mink Lashes Wholesale

Mink Lash Vendors

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What are the most popular custom boxes in 2020?

No.1: Cash Boxes/Money Boxes

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No.2: Phone Boxes

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No.3: Glitter Dripping Packaging

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