How to Start Off On the Right Foot in Your Lash Business

How to Start Off On the Right Foot in Your Lash Business?

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Starting a lash business can be difficult. How can you guarantee that moving from a salon to your own business was the right move? What should be your first plans of action after getting your business license and a place to lash? We’ve compiled a few of our best tips to get you started in your business endeavors. Cosmetics Lashes Eyelash Vendors can help you.

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Help clients have better retention. You should be giving each new client a lesson on aftercare. For example, if clients are going on vacation tell them to use the Cosmetics Lashes Glues while they are gone or recommend a good lash cleanser for them to take along on their trip.

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Offer discounts and promotions. Have a loyalty program or birthday reward for your best clients to keep them coming back. A referral program is always a good idea. It gets more clients in the door!

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Be a leader in client comfort.  Use a breath mint while lashing, play relaxing music and have a blanket for clients to use during the appointment. Our Lash Pillow makes clients extra comfortable by supporting their shoulders and neck.
Make goals for yourself. Even if it’s just getting one more client a week, goals should be measurable and attainable. Set measurements of success as you grow more in your business, social media following and lashing techniques.

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Always strive to learn more.  Keep working on your techniques in the industry. Look for new tips and tricks to help you improve your time and retention.

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Obviously, we could be here for a long time talking about the best ways to improve your business. But, for the sake of time, try these tips and tricks and let us know if they help you out as a business owner. We’ll see you next month for more business and marketing tips!

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